What Does it Mean to be Truly Free?

In today’s word we hear the word “freedom” and “liberty, but what do these words really mean. The United States was founded on the core, symbolic principles of every person’s right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It could be extrapolated that true happiness is achievable when person had true liberty. But what does it mean to have true liberty? What does it mean to be truly free in the context of the ideas set out by the founding fathers?

Some American’s think that we are not truly free in today’s America because the government has the ability and justification to take our land and property if, for example, we don’t pay a certain amount of takes. It may seem that when driving on the roads we don’t have true freedom because if we drive over the speed limit, or drive without the proper documentation, or violate some other road ordinance, we may be fined, have our car impounded and even arrested and thrown in Jail.

Some people have expressed concern about proposed government legislation that would further restrict our right to have firearms, or our freedom of speech.

What would our founding fathers think if they were to look at our country today? Well, frankly they would be amazed and in envy. The truth is that while it’s common for people to point out our restrictions on freedom, it’s much less common that we stand back and actually appreciate what we have. As United States citizens and residents, we are protected by the greatest military force that has ever existed in the history of humanity. We have access to advanced medical care in times of emergency, even if we don’t have money to pay for it, a right that doesn’t exist in most countries. We have not only the freedom but also the means to work and earn money, get an education, start a business, buy land and goods. We have the ability to start a family and have as many children as we like, again something that is not true in some countries.

One of the requirements of these freedoms is that we cannot take away other’s freedoms. We can’t drive as fast as we like on the roads because that put’s other people’s lives and liberties at risk, just as they can’t put your life and liberty as risk. The truth is that an American today is closer to being truly free than any time in the counties history not just because of the rights afforded to them but because of the vastly increased ability to exercises those rights.