How to Stop Smoking Once and For All

Making real change in your life can be one the hardest things you will ever do. It usually takes months and years, and sometimes decades, of thinking and dreaming about making a core chance, and yet the moment of change happens in an instant. Cigarettes are among the most addictive (and destructive) things you can put near your body, and yet every day in the United States over 35 million people start their day by smoking a cigarette. It’s no secret that quitting smoking is difficult, really difficult. Even people who don’t smoke know that for somebody to willingly inhale toxic chemicals that is wrecking their body and expediting the onset of chronic diseases and cancers, the substance must be extremely addictive.

Most people agree that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, but that it also often the hardest for most people. They have to admit to themselves that they are actually addicted to a substance and can no longer control their own actions. When asked why they can’t quit, a smoker will tell you “I can quit anytime I want to… I just don’t want to” but that’s just a lie they themselves to justify they are still smoking, it’s just because that haven’t tried hard enough. In a way it’s partially true, except the part about not wanting to quit, every smoker wants to quit, but they just haven’t built up enough strength to beat the addiction.

If you’re a smoker, how many times have you quit? 10? 50? Lost count? How many times have you smoked a cigarette and said that was my last cigarette? The truth is, smokers who are trying to quit smoking actually to quit every time they finish a cigarettes. Quitting is the easy part. In fact, you have probably successfully quit a thousand times. The hard part is not starting again. The reason why they call someone a “recovering alcoholic” and not a “recovered alcoholic” is because the “and never doing it again” part lasts a lifetime.

Now the truth is that if you can manage to quite for longer than just a few days, you are doing better than the vast amount of smokers trying to quit. If you can quit for a few weeks or even months you are in the top 1% of success stories. If you can quit for 10 years you are a rock star.

Be a rock star. Don’t buy your own justifications any more, you are not on a mission to quit, you are on a mission to quit… and never smoke again. In fact it’s somewhat ironic that the hardest thing in the world to do is actually to not do anything. It’s not hard to quit, it’s hard to not have that next cigarette after you quit. So the next time you want a cigarette, fight it, and fight it with all you might. If you want it bad enough you will resist. That is the secret to stopping once and for all, you just need to really want to.